Write Chinese【加班 jiā bān】Work Overtime 九九六 Chinese for Beginner (Entry-level)

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加班(work overtime)是指在法定标准工作时间以外,正常工作日延长工作时间或者双休日以及国家法定假期期间工作,称为“加班”。

Overtime refers to working beyond legal standard working hours, extending working hours on normal working days or working during weekends and national statutory holidays, which is called “overtime”.



Overtime work is inconsistent with decent work, comfortable work, and all-round development, and is also out of touch with the improvement of people’s quality of life advocated by the country. If overtime work is indeed required for emergency work, overtime wages must be compensated.

In 2021, the Supreme People’s Court and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued a typical case of overtime work, clarifying that “working hours are from 9 am to 9 pm, working 6 days a week”, which seriously violates the law’s provisions on extending the upper limit of working hours and should be deemed invalid.

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