《滥竽充数》🎷Make Up A Number Without Active Work 中文成语故事 Chinese Story Book|汉语课程

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滥竽充数,汉语成语,拼音是 làn yú chōng shù,比喻没有本领的人冒充有本领,占着位置,或拿次的东西混在好的里面充数。有时也用作自谦的话。

Indiscriminately, a Chinese idiom, pinyin is làn yú chōng shù, which is a metaphor for a person who has no ability to pretend to be capable, occupy a position, or mix inferior things in a good one. Sometimes it is also used as a self-humble word.








During the Warring States Period, King Qi Xuan, the monarch of the Qi Kingdom, liked music, and especially liked listening to the wind blowing. He had 300 musicians who were good at wind blowing. King Qi Xuan likes to be lively and ostentatious. He always wants to show the majesty of being a monarch in front of others. Therefore, every time he listens to the song, he always asks these 300 people to play together.

A virgin named Nan Guo heard that King Qi Xuan liked to listen to ensembles, and felt that he had the opportunity to make money, so he ran to King Qi Xuan and boasted that he said: “My lord, I have heard of the person who trumpets me. Nothing is not unmoved. Even the birds and beasts will dance when they hear it, and the flowers and plants will also sway to the beat. I would like to dedicate my stunts to the king.” King Qi Xuan was pleased to hear him, and accepted him happily. Put him in the 300-man team.

From then on, Chief Nanguo played with the 300 people for King Qi Xuan, enjoying the generous treatment like everyone else, and he was extremely proud.
In fact, Chief Nan Guo didn’t know how to play 竽 at all. Whenever he played, Director Nanguo would mix in the team with the scorpion in his hands. People shook his body, he also shook his body, and he shook his head. He also shook his head. His face appeared to be emotional and selfless, and he looked better than others. More engaged. Chief Nan Guo just spent day after day deceived, earning a generous salary for nothing.

But the good times did not last long. After a few years, King Qi Xuan, who loved to listen to the ensemble, died, and his son, King Qi Yuan (mǐn), inherited the throne. King Qi Yuan also likes to listen to the wind, but he likes to listen to solo. So the king of Qi Dao issued an order, asking these 300 people to take turns to blow the scorpion for him to admire. Chief Nan Guo was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, and he was panicked all day long. After thinking about it, he felt that he couldn’t get along again this time, so he had to pack up and escape overnight.

People like Chief Nan Guo who are not educated and skillful, who rely on deceitful food to eat, can be fooled for a while, but can’t be fooled. The fake is fake, and it will eventually be exposed because it cannot escape the test of time. If we want to succeed, the best way is to study diligently. Only by practicing a true skill can we withstand all difficulties, setbacks and trials.

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