Learn Chinese【招聘会 zhāo pìn huì】How to Write Job Fair in Chinese 学写汉字 Workplace Chinese 职场中文基础

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招聘会一般分为现场招聘会和网络招聘会,日常中所讲的招聘会通常指的就是现场招聘会。 招聘会分行业专场和综合两种,参加招聘会前先要了解招聘会的行业和性质,以免和自己要找的岗位不对口浪费时间。

Job fairs are generally divided into on-site job fairs and online job fairs. The job fairs mentioned in daily life usually refer to on-site job fairs. Job fairs are divided into industry-specific and comprehensive ones. Before attending the job fair, you must first understand the industry and nature of the job fair, so as not to waste time if it is not suitable for the position you are looking for.







Job fair classification

Special job fair for fresh graduates
That is, campus job fairs are generally held by the school employment office or the provincial and municipal graduate employment guidance centers from September to November or March to April every year. They are mainly for fresh graduates who are about to graduate. This kind of job fair usually has a limited number of positions, and the number of participants at the fair is usually limited. There are many students.

Large comprehensive job fair
Generally located in large exhibition centers or squares and other gathering places, it can attract hundreds or even thousands of companies from various industries and types to come to the site to recruit talents. Usually, such job fairs have tens of thousands of participants.

Industry Talent Recruitment Fair
For job fairs in specific industries, such as IT job fairs, most of the job seekers who come here are targeting that industry and career type.

Job Fair for Intermediate and Senior Talents
The target group is usually mid- to senior-level talents with more than 3-5 years of work experience. This type of job fair is also usually called invitation-based interview, which means that the company publishes job openings, and the organizer of the job fair invites interviewers to attend the meeting on a designated date through phone calls, text messages, and the Internet. Such job fairs usually have well-known companies, higher annual salaries, and are headhunting in nature. There will also be requirements for job seekers on site. This type of job fair is currently not suitable for fresh graduates.

Online job fair
Online job fairs are actually the online display version of on-site job fairs. Online job fairs can be said to be diversified in form. Generally, online job fairs are held for about 20-30 days, including about 10 days of publicity time. The organizer of each job fair will plan different themes and tones, and design special web pages of different styles.

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