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“The Crow Drinks Water” is a fable of Aesop. By telling the story of a crow drinking water, it tells people not to give up when encountering difficulties, and to use whatever is available around them to help themselves and give full play to their ingenuity. You must have the spirit of breakthrough, and the spirit of not giving up until you reach your goal. After persisting again and again, you will always see the dawn of victory.


In the 6th century BC, the ancient Greek fabler Aesop, through the spread of folk tales, plus some of his own unique experience and writing experience, and then processed and created satirical animal stories, in order to teach people how to behave and be human. Reason, so the story of the crow drinking water was created. “The Crow Drinks Water” teaches children to think carefully about problems and encourages them to work hard to become as smart as the crow.






Original Works

A crow was thirsty, and it hovered at low altitude looking for water to drink. After searching for a long time, it found a water bottle not far away, and flew over happily, stopped firmly at the mouth of the water bottle, and was ready to drink water happily. However, there was too little water in the water bottle, the mouth of the bottle was small, the bottleneck was long, and the crow’s mouth could not reach the water anyway. what should I do?
The crow thought, knock over the water bottle, and you can drink water. So, it rushed down from a high altitude and violently hit the water bottle. But the water bottle was too heavy, and the crow exhausted all its strength, and the water bottle remained motionless.
Angrily, the crow took a stone from not far away and slammed it down towards the water bottle. It wanted to drink the water after smashing the water bottle, but it did not expect that the stone was impartial and fell into the water bottle with a “plop”.
The crow flew down and saw that the water bottle was not broken at all. The careful crow found that the stone sank into the bottom of the bottle, and the water inside seemed to be higher than before.
“There is a way, now I can drink water.” The crow was very happy, and it started to act with a “wow” yelling. It took many stones and threw them into the water bottle one by one. As the stones increase, the water in the water bottle slowly rises gradually…
Finally, the water in the water bottle almost rose to the mouth of the bottle, and the crow could finally drink the water. He stood at the mouth of the water bottle, drinking the sweet and delicious water, feeling so happy and comfortable in his heart.

About the Author

Aesop (620 BC ~ 560 BC), a famous allegor in ancient Greece in the 6th century BC, and Krylov, La Fontaine, and Lessing are known as the world’s four greatest allegors. He was a slave of the Yadmund family on Samos and was resold many times. But because of his knowledge and intelligence, he was finally free. After that, Aesop began to travel the world, telling his fables to people, and was loved by the people of ancient Greece.

At the end of the 5th century BC, the name “Aesop” was already well-known to the ancient Greeks, and all the ancient Greek fables at that time belonged to him. Aesop did not write his fables, he dictated them entirely from memory. The now common “Aesop’s Fables” was compiled by later generations based on the fables collected by the Byzantine monk Pranudes and the manuscripts of ancient Greek fables discovered one after another. Most of them are mainly animals: some use jackals, lions, etc. as metaphors for human powers to expose their cruel side; some summarize people’s life experience and teach people the principles of life. Its form is concise and concise, and its content is timeless. It embodies profound meaning in simple and vivid language, which is quite intriguing.

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