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Stationery , 文具 , wén jù 。
Paper , 纸 , zhǐ 。
Pen , 笔 , bǐ 。
Ruler , 尺 , chǐ 。
Eraser , 橡皮 , xiàng pí 。
Glue , 胶水 , jiāo shuǐ 。

文具包括学生文具以及办公文具、礼品文具等。 现代的释义应该指办公室内常用的一些现代文具:签字笔、水笔、钢笔、铅笔、圆珠笔等;以及笔筒等配套用品。其他办公用品还包括:直尺、笔记本、文件袋、文件封套、计算器、长尾夹等。



《史记·张释之冯唐列传》:“且 秦 以任刀笔之吏,吏争以亟疾苛察相高,然其敝徒文具耳,无恻隐之实。” 司马贞 索隐:“谓空具其文而无其实也。”《宋史·哲宗纪一》:“有司奉行失当,几於烦扰,或苟且文具,不能布宣实惠。”《元典章·台纲二·察司合察事理》:“按察司官所至之处……体究一切非违,务要实行,无为文具。” 章炳麟 《政闻社社员大会破坏状》:“ 明 时黄册盖多有不实者,及一条鞭法盛行,而编审亦为文具。”


宋 陈亮 《廷对》:“草茅亦以故事视之,以文具应之。” 严复 《救亡决论》:“致文具空存,邦基陧阢。”


《警世通言·杜十娘怒沉百宝箱》:“﹝ 月朗 ﹞说罢,命从人挈一描金文具至前,封锁甚固,正不知什么东西在里面。”《红楼梦》第五七回:“我看见你文具儿里头有两三面镜子,你把那面小菱花的给我留下罢。”


清 蒲松龄 《聊斋志异·西湖主》:“登其亭,见案上设有文具。”《花月痕》第十一回:“ 采秋 因向 荷生 道:‘你带有文具要写对子,这里写罢。’於是跟班们就中间方桌,摆上文具。”






Stationery includes student stationery, office stationery, gift stationery, etc. The modern interpretation should refer to some modern stationery commonly used in the office: signature pens, fountain pens, fountain pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, etc.; and accessories such as pen holders. Other office supplies include: rulers, notebooks, file bags, file envelopes, calculators, binders, etc.

Stationery in ancient China

1. It is said that there are provisions.

“Historical Records · Zhang Shizhi’s Biography of Feng and Tang Dynasties”: “Furthermore, Qin used to be the official of the sword and pen, and the officials argued for the swiftness and scrutiny. However, his stationery ears are not compassionate.” It’s not true.” “Song History · Zhezong Jiyi”: “There is a secretary who does not do the right thing, it is almost annoying, or he is too obsessed with stationery, and cannot be used to promote the benefits.” “Yuan Dian Zhang · Tai Gang II · Chasi Joint Inspection “Affair”: “According to wherever the prosecutors and officials go…be aware of everything that is not in violation, must be implemented, and do nothing for stationery.” Zhang Binglin, “Zhengwenshe Member Meeting Sabotage Certificate”: “There are many untruths in the Yellow Book Cover in Ming Dynasty. And a whip method prevails, and the editors are also stationery.”

2. Refers to the provisions.

Song Chen Liang “Ting Dui”: “Cao Mao also regards it with stories, and responds to it with stationery.” Yan Fu “Determination of National Salvation”: “To stationery is empty, Bang Jizheng.”

3. Dressing box. Also known as 奁具. Small and exquisite, it is used to place toilet utensils, gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, etc.

“Jingshitongyan Du Shiniang sinks into the treasure chest in anger”: “[Yuelang] said, the fate starts from the person who traces the gold stationery to the front. The blockade is very solid, and I don’t know what is in it.” “A Dream of Red Mansions” Chapter 57 : “I saw two or three mirrors in your stationery. Leave me the one with Xiao Linghua.”

4. Refers to pens, inks, papers, inkstones and other items used for painting, calligraphy, poetry and learning.

Qing Pu Songling’s “Strange Stories from a Lonely Studio · West Lake Lord”: “When you go to the pavilion, there are stationery on the case.” The eleventh chapter of “Hua Yue Mark”: “Caiqiu said to Hesheng:’You bring stationery. Write the pair, just write it here.’ So the attendants put the stationery on the square table.”

Student stationery

Student stationery is one of the most important branches of stationery, and the main user group is students.
Student stationery categories include: pencil bags, pencil cases, pencils, mechanical pencils, watercolor pens, whiteboard pens, ballpoint pens, gel pens, oil pastels, oily pens, crayons, pens, school bags, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pen sharpeners, Liquid glue, solid glue, ruler, compasses, utility knife, scissors, book cover, correction tape, file folder, booklet, file bag, drawing board, pen core, etc.

Office stationery

Office stationery, as the name suggests, is office stationery, which is very different from student stationery. The main target groups of office stationery are enterprises, institutions, factories, government agencies, etc. One characteristic of office stationery is the pursuit of practicality and durability, and no popular patterns. This is also a difference from student stationery.

The classification of office stationery is also very wide, such as three needles and one nail, accounting supplies, stationery supplies, documents and vouchers. It is worth mentioning that some labor supplies, tea and water supplies are also included in office supplies by some stationery companies, because they are also things needed for office work.

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