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Payroll, also known as salary settlement slip, is a voucher issued by the company to employees. The voucher lists the employee’s salary, bonus, allowance, absence deduction and other information. Payslips are basically issued once a month. In some cases, the payslip is made in triplicate, with one copy issued to the employee, one used for verification by government regulators, and the other kept by the company itself.

工资单是公司有权获得报酬和其他工作福利的员工的清单,以及每个人应获得的金额。除了每位员工因工作时间或执行任务而应收到的金额外,工资单还可以指公司之前向员工支付的付款记录,包括薪水和工资、奖金和预扣税款,或处理公司的部门 有补偿。公司可以在内部处理薪资流程的所有方面,也可以将各个方面外包给薪资处理公司。

A payroll is a list of employees of a company who are entitled to receive compensation as well as other work benefits, as well as the amounts that each should obtain. Along with the amounts that each employee should receive for time worked or tasks performed, payroll can also refer to a company’s records of payments that were previously made to employees, including salaries and wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes, or the company’s department that deals with compensation. A company may handle all aspects of the payroll process in-house or can outsource aspects to a payroll processing company.

总工资,也称为总收入,是雇员在扣除任何扣除额或税款之前赚取的总付款。 对于按小时计酬的员工,总工资是按小时工资率乘以正常工作总时数计算得出的。 如果员工有加班时间,则将其乘以加班工资,然后将两个金额相加。 工资总额还包括员工可能拥有的任何其他类型的收入。 这些可能包括假期工资、休假或病假工资、奖金以及员工可能收到的任何杂项工资。

Gross pay, also known as gross income, is the total payment that an employee earns before any deductions or taxes are taken out. For employees that are hourly, gross pay is calculated when the rate of hourly pay is multiplied by the total number of regular hours worked. If the employee has overtime hours, these are multiplied by the overtime rate of pay, and the two amounts are added together. Also included in gross pay is any other type of earnings that an employee may have. These may include holiday pay, vacation or sick pay, bonuses, and any miscellaneous pay that the employee may receive.


Net pay is the total amount that an employee receives after all required and voluntary deductions are taken out.

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