Learn Chinese【出勤率 chū qín lǜ】How to Write ‘Attendance Rate’ in Chinese 学习汉字写法 (凶字框, 力字旁, 玄字旁)

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出勤率(chū qín lǜ)是汉语词语,意思是指实际出勤数与应该出勤数的比率。例如一个班有50个人,当天有45个人来,出勤率就是90%;50个人都来了,就是100%。

Attendance rate (chū qín lǜ) is a Chinese term, which means the ratio of actual attendance to expected attendance. For example, if there are 50 people in a class and 45 of them come on the day, the attendance rate is 90%; if all 50 people come, it is 100%.

出处王安友 《协作》:“每天昼夜不停,劳力出勤率占总人数的百分之五十以上。” 谷峪 《萝北半月》:“我想,只要这样做了,出勤率一定能提高,药治不好的病,它就能治好。”

Source: Wang Anyou, “Collaboration”: “Day and night, the labor attendance rate accounts for more than 50% of the total number of people.” Gu Yu, “Luobei Half Moon”: “I think that as long as we do this, the attendance rate will definitely increase, and it can cure diseases that cannot be cured by medicine.”

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