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Coca Cola , 可口可乐 , kě kǒu kě lè 。
Pepsi , 百事可乐 , bǎi shì kě lè 。
Sprite , 雪碧 , xuě bì 。
Walmart , 沃尔玛 , wò ěr mǎ 。
Adidas , 阿迪达斯 , ā dí dá sī 。
Nike , 耐克 , nài kè 。
BMW , 宝马 , bǎo mǎ 。
Tesla , 特斯拉 , tè sī lā 。
IKEA , 宜家 , yí jiā 。
Johnson & Johnson , 强生 , qiáng shēng 。
Disney , 迪斯尼 , dí sī ní 。
Boeing , 波音 , bō yīn 。
Rolex , 劳力士 , láo lì shì 。
KFC , 肯德基 , kěn dé jī 。
Starbucks , 星巴克 , xīng bā kè 。
Pizza Hut , 必胜客 , bì shèng kè 。
Samsung , 三星 , sān xīng 。
Google , 谷歌 , gǔ gē 。
apple , 苹果 , píng guǒ 。
Amazon , 亚马逊 , yà mǎ xùn 。








2006年2月,美国IT管理软件品牌Computer Associate收回其原有中文名字“冠群”,这一品牌名既没有体现其国际化特征,更无法让人与高科技产业联系。这一举动必将花费巨额公关费用,并不得不重新开始塑造品牌形象。由此,品牌的中文名字必须慎重选择,否则一旦差之毫厘,就将失之千里!







A Chinese brand is a brand named with Chinese pronunciation. When foreign brands enter the Chinese market, some people may think that the lack of Chinese names or the use of fewer Chinese names will not affect the promotion of the brand. For example, LV rarely uses her Chinese name “Louis Vuitton”, and even stores in Shanghai only have the English “LV” shop sign. Some people think that even domestic brands do not necessarily need Chinese names, because that can make the brand look more like imported goods. TCL is a domestic brand that insists on not using Chinese names.


We admit that individual brands may not need to rely too much on Chinese names when promoting, but whether for foreign or domestic brands, a Chinese brand name is of great significance in at least the following two situations: First, from the perspective of brand protection It can be seen that a widely spread Chinese name can avoid plagiarism to a large extent, and it can also prevent consumers from showing up. The famous French brand Lacoste does not have an official Chinese name in mainland China. As a result, the name “crocodile” is used by Cartelo from Singapore and Crocodile from Hong Kong. There are even many counterfeit products, which makes Lacoste’s rights protection and market development in China. Appears more passive. Secondly, from the perspective of brand public relations, a well-known Chinese name can move the media even more.

Name is Asset

In fact, both international and domestic brands need a good Chinese name as the first step in brand strategy. Regardless of whether you are a luxury product or whether your target consumer group is a well-educated young man proficient in foreign languages, a good Chinese name will immediately be accepted and associated with it, and brand promotion will be smoother. There are countless successful precedents in this regard. The success of well-known brands such as “Bird”, “Benz”, “Lenovo”, and “Baidu” in China is attributed to their Chinese brand names.

A tiny bit of a name, a thousand miles away

In February 2006, the American IT management software brand Computer Associate withdrew its original Chinese name “Guanqun”. This brand name neither reflects its international characteristics, nor can it connect with the high-tech industry. This move will inevitably cost a huge amount of public relations expenses and will have to re-create the brand image. Therefore, the Chinese name of the brand must be chosen carefully, otherwise, if there is a slight difference, you will lose a thousand miles!

Acronym Naming

If LG, AMD and other international brands only use short English abbreviations as their names, which can be supported and compensated by their strong technical strength and international level, then relatively weak brands like TCL will be due to the lack of Chinese names. And there are many troubles in the market, because such abbreviations can hardly generate any rational or perceptual appeals in the minds of consumers.

No Chinese brand name, or an undesirable Chinese name, may not have much impact on a brand in the short term, but such a situation has a greater market risk, and secondly, it comes from the long-term cultivation and development of the brand. Look, it is a very unfavorable factor, or a very unstable factor. We believe that the name is one of the most important intangible assets of a brand. A good Chinese brand name can better approach Chinese customers, open up the situation in the Chinese market, and more easily form brand identity in cultural psychology.


The huge market in mainland China has long been favored by various international brands. At the same time, Chinese has a strong position in Asia-the number of Chinese traveling and doing business in various parts of Asia is staggering. Therefore, a Chinese brand name can not only make the brand better in the mainland Promotion is of strategic significance to the Southeast Asian market. In the past, international brands, especially European and American brands, used different Chinese names in different parts of Asia based on the local dialect and language habits. For example, Biotherm, a subsidiary of L’Oreal, uses the name “Biotherm” on the mainland, and uses “Biotherm” in areas outside the mainland.

However, with the increasingly frequent exchanges between the mainland and the world, the inconsistent Chinese brand names have brought a lot of confusion and inconvenience to consumers; even from the perspective of brand management, two or more Chinese brand names are used in Asia. On the one hand, it increases management costs, and on the other hand, it is not conducive to the overall strategy of the brand. Therefore, more and more international brands tend to use a unified Chinese brand name and corresponding LOGO in Asia.

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