Learn Chinese【开(始)工(作)日(期)】How to Write Chinese Characters 学写汉字 独体字 Date of starting work in Chinese

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开工日 / kāi gōng rì / Date of starting work in Chinese。






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汉语疑问词大全 A Complete Collection of Chinese Interrogative|中文语法基础知识 Basic Chinese Grammar

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Interrogative words are words used to construct interrogative sentences, and interrogative sentences are sentences used to raise questions.

Modern Chinese interrogative words are composed of three categories: interrogative pronouns, interrogative particles and interrogative adverbs.

1. Chinese interrogative pronouns are mainly divided into the following 8 categories:

rén wù : shuí , shén me( rén) , nǎ gè rén , hé( rén)…
People: who, what (person), who, who (person)…

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【HSK4】汉语中级词汇学习 (600字) Intermediate Chinese Vocabulary|快速掌握流利中文

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第四级分为听力、阅读、写作三个部分(共100题)。 通过HSK 4 证明您可以用汉语就广泛的话题进行交谈,并能够与母语为汉语的人进行流利的交流。 此HSK 4词汇表共1200个单词。

There are three sections in this fourth level: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing (a total of 100 items). Passing HSK 4 proves that you can converse in Chinese on a wide range of topics and are able to communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers. There are total 1200 words in this HSK 4 Vocabulary List.

【HSK3】中文实用词汇集合 (300字) Mandarin Learning Package for Beginners

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第三级分为听力、阅读、写作三个部分(共80题)。 通过HSK 3意味着您可以在日常生活、学术和职业生活中进行基本的汉语交流,并且可以在中国旅行时用汉语进行大部分交流。 在这份HSK 3词汇表中,你一定已经掌握了600个常用词和相关语法模式。

There are three sections of this third level: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing (a total of 80 items). Passing HSK 3 signifies that you can communicate in Chinese at a basic level in your daily, academic, and professional lives, and you can manage most communications in Chinese when travelling in China. In this HSK 3 vocabulary list, you must have mastered 600 commonly used words and related grammar patterns.

【HSK1】中文交流入门词汇 (150字) Entry-level Chinese Vocabulary List|汉语词卡

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要达到第一级汉语水平,您必须掌握基本的代词、量词、名词、动词和其他词性。 您还必须知道如何使用不同的句型(例如疑问句、否定句、祈使句等)来表达时间、年龄、金钱和数字。 HSK 1词汇表包括150个必修词汇词和词组。 一旦你理解并使用了这些,你就通过了HSK 1级,这意味着你现在已经满足了基本的交际需求,并且具备了进一步学习汉语的能力。

To achieve this first level of Chinese language proficiency, you must master basic pronouns, classifiers, nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. You must also know how to express time, age, money, and numbers using different sentence patterns such as questions, negatives, imperatives, and the like. HSK 1 vocabulary list includes 150 required vocabulary words and phrases. Once you can understand and use these, you will pass HSK level 1, which means you now meet the basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further your Chinese language studies.

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