【HSK2】中文基础词汇表 (150字) Basic Chinese Word List|简体汉字教学必备

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HSK 2级分为听力和阅读两部分。 两个部分共包含 60 个项目。 通过HSK 2表示您对基本汉语有很好的掌握,并且可以就需要简单直接交换信息的日常任务进行交流。 在参加本考试之前,您必须已经掌握了这份HSK 2词汇表中的300个常用词和相关语法模式。

There are two sections in HSK Level 2: listening comprehension and reading comprehension. Both sections contain 60 items in total. Passing HSK 2 indicates that you have an excellent grasp of basic Chinese and can communicate about routine tasks that require a simple and direct exchange of information. Before you take this test, you must have mastered 300 commonly used words and related grammar patterns in this HSK 2 vocabulary list.

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