How to Say Wheaten Food in Chinese 学说汉语【面食】noodles面条/dumplings饺子/wonton馄饨

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面条 [miàn tiáo] noodles
你喜欢吃米饭还是面条?Would you prefer rice or noodles?

饺子 [jiǎo zi] dumplings
饺子是中国的传统食物。Dumpling is a traditional Chinese food.

馄饨 [hún tun] Wonton
我们每人要一碗馄饨。We’d like a bowl of wonton for each.

馒头 [mán tou] steamed bun
你在哪里买到这些好吃的馒头?Where do you buy these delicious steamed buns?

包子 [bāo zi] steamed stuffed bun
包子闻起来香,不知道味道怎么样。The buns smell good, but I wonder how they taste.

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