How to Say Furniture in Chinese 学说汉语【家具】- zhuō zi 桌子/yǐ zi 椅子|Speak Mandarin Fluently

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桌子 [zhuō zi] table
我们在厨房里的桌子上吃饭。We ate at the kitchen table.

椅子 [yǐ zi] chair
她从椅子上跳了下来。She jumped down from the chair.

沙发 [shā fā] sofa
他在沙发上躺下睡着了。He stretched himself out on the sofa and fell asleep.

地毯 [dì tǎn] carpet
我们把地毯卷了起来。We rolled up the carpet.

窗帘 [chuāng lián] curtain
你比较喜欢什么样的窗帘?Which kind of curtain do you prefer?

书架 [shū jià] bookshelf
窗户旁边有一个书架。There’s a bookshelf beside the window.

茶几 [chá jī] coffee table
茶几的另一边还有一张扶手椅。An armchair was on the other side of the coffee table.

柜子 [guì zǐ] cabinet
这个柜子有四米长。The cabinet is four meters long.

床 [chuáng] bed
这床真舒服。It’s such a comfortable bed.

床头柜 [chuáng tóu guì] night table
床旁边有两个床头柜。There are two night tables near the bed.



Ancient Chinese furniture mainly includes seats, beds, screens, mirror tables, tables, chairs, cabinets and so on. Mats are the oldest and most primitive furniture. They were first woven from leaves, and later they were mostly woven from reeds and bamboo strips. The ancients often “sit on the ground”, which shows that the application of mats is very wide. The bed is the first furniture to appear after the mat.

Ancient Chinese furniture has two main lines, vertical and horizontal, and the vertical line is the clue of history: the production of furniture series in one period, namely early furniture, Han and Tang furniture, Song and Yuan furniture, Ming and Qing furniture, and national furniture. The second main line is the horizontal line. The horizontal line is the context of the local style, creating a furniture pattern of one place by one place.

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